New York Fashion Week


Experience High Fashion

You can get first-hand experience working in high fashion at New York Fashion Week. Aveda Institute Provo students can work backstage doing hair and makeup for models and work with some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty. Going to New York Fashion Week is also a great opportunity for students to see some of the different career paths that are available to beauty professionals.

Expand Your Beauty Career Options

Inspire Greatness students who go to New York Fashion Week can take advantage of amazing networking opportunities. You can meet people and find mentors who can help guide you throughout your career in the beauty industry. An extracurricular learning experience like this can also be valuable and attractive to future employers. It will look great on your resume!

Learn From Aveda Global Educators

As part of the New York Fashion Week experience, students will get to learn from some of Aveda’s Global Educators. They will help you learn the necessary skills to thrive in a fast paced and exciting atmosphere like New York Fashion Week.

How to Apply

  1. To work backstage, you first need to be an Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute student. If you are not a student yet, start the enrollment process.
  2. Next you will submit a 3 minute YouTube video. This video will cover your performance in school, why you are a good candidate, how you will use your experience at New York Fashion Week to make a difference, what experience and knowledge you want to bring back, and other things that you think are important. Take this opportunity to really sell yourself as the perfect candidate.
  3. There is also a paper application that you will need to submit. This application goes over some of the same information as the YouTube video plus some general information about yourself.

Talk to your instructor or educator if you want to apply to go to New York Fashion Week. They can help you through the application process.

The New York Fashion Week opportunity is an additional cost and not included in the cost of programs.


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