NAHA Experience

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What is NAHA?

The North American Hairstylist Awards (NAHA) is one of the most prestigious competitions that cosmetologists and hair designers can compete in. Aveda Institute Provo students can apply to to create a collection with the Inspire Greatness creative team in order to compete in NAHA and win the fame and glory that comes with being nominated as a Student of the Year finalist.

How NAHA Works

You will work with the Inspire Greatness creative team, a photographer, and a model to create a fresh new look. This look has to be unique, stunning, and original. Once you have created the look on your model, you will have a photoshoot with the photographer. The images of your new look are entered into NAHA and judges select the best entries.

What it Means to be Nominated

Being nominated as a NAHA Student of the Year finalist is an huge honor. Aveda Institute Provo students who are nominated can take the title of “NAHA Finalist” with them into their career. This title can give you a lot of credibility and make you much more attractive to potential employers.

How to Apply

  • Becoming an Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute student is the first step. If you’re not already a student, get more information about becoming one here.
  • Make a YouTube video outlining the reasons why you are a good NAHA candidate.
  • Submit before and after photos of a model or mannequin head that you have done a great hair style on.
  • Fill out the paper application. This application can be found by asking your instructor or any of the campus staff members.

If you have any more questions about how to become a NAHA competitor, ask your instructor.

The NAHA opportunity is an additional cost and not included in the cost of programs.


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